progress on the puppy front

Rocky had the pleasure of exploring our yard outside the pool enclosure yesterday. Initially I had him on a leash (one of those with an extensible and retractable lead). We toured the back yard for a while and then I took him around to the front of the house and made the circle around to the back again.

Eventually I released him from his tether and allowed him to move freely within the confines of the back yard. He didn't venture very far from me and made no escape attempts. OK, a couple of attempts, but he moved neither fast nor far - thus allowing me to retrieve him manually.

Once we had returned to the enclosure I again removed the lead but did not close the western exit. I spent some time crushing aluminum pop cans for recycling and let him move as he pleased. He walked out the door a few times as I worked. The first two times I had to physically retrieve him as he did not come when called. After that he returned voluntarily when I beckoned.

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