feeling much better today

After a long discussion with Lisa, we came to the conclusion that most of my depression yesterday was simply a rebound from the previous day's joy. There were also the lingering regrets from the mistakes I have made in the past, and she reminded me that the past is just that; it cannot be changed.

Today I am happy once again, having digested our talk and read a comment Ike made on my last post.

Below are some of the pictures we took while the family was here.

My stepmother Velma, father Ken, me, son Ike DeKing, daughter Anna Schmidt and son-in-law Taylor Schmidt:

Me, my son Ike, daughter Anna and son-in-law Taylor:

My son Ike, daughter Anna (fiddling with her camera) and part of Taylor:

My father Ken, the love of my life Lisa Stewart, me, my son Ike, daughter Anna and son-in-law Taylor:

The best Christmas present I could have received was an afternoon with my wonderful family.

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