the things you(r dog) see(s)

Rocko wanted to do something yesterday afternoon, so we took a drive.

We headed down to the store, where I picked up some soft drinks and refilled my coffee cup. After leaving the store we took a side route down a 25 MPH road down by the river. When it got back to the main road, I had to wait for a few cars.

There were a couple of big black cattle eating grass in the field next to us. Along with them was one young and energetic brown calf; it kept running around the field, jumping, twisting and generally having fun.

Rocko thought that was pretty cool. He watched that calf for a long time, whimpering a little bit. I allowed several opportunities to move on to pass so that he could enjoy the spectacle, but eventually we headed back up the river and up to the Parkway. On our way up there the sun began to set.

We headed south on the Parkway (which, here, is actually west) for a few miles, stopping at a few overlooks to watch the sunset play off the clouds and the stars come out. I could see civilization along the horizon in Transylvania County.

On our way back toward home, there was no automotive traffic, but we did get behind a coyote for a while.

Rocko, who rides with his head out the driver's side of the car, noticed the coyote at the same time I did. I slowed the car so we wouldn't pass or hit the beast. This coyote ran down the road for a hundred yards or so, until an overlook appeared on the right. The coyote pulled off into the overlook and we kept going.

Rocko really liked that coyote, and so did I. And, if he hadn't talked me into getting out of the house, we wouldn't have seen it.

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