opening day

Black bear hunting season opened today in Western North Carolina, and there should be a number of successful hunters near the Château this year.

At all significant access point to the Shining Rock Wilderness and adjacent public lands, there have been signs up for months now: "No Camping in the Graveyard Fields area", "all campers must store their food in approved bear-proof canisters" and variations on the theme, "keep yer eyes peeled fer bears, brother!"

Rocko and I haven't seen any bears this year, but we didn't do much hiking this summer. And, with bear season open, we need to be careful where we do hike for a while.

Rocko is a good sized dog, about 75 or 80 pounds, and black. All of my favorite jackets, sweatshirts and coats are black. And so, when it is black bear hunting season, I try to stay out of the deep woods. We might look like a mama bear and her cub to a sufficiently nearsighted and/or drunken hunter.

The barking hound who lives down by the creek next door finally had a chance to get out today. How he could be in shape to run after bears all day, after spending a year in an 8' by 12' cage, I don't know; but I am glad he was able to get out and run in the woods for a change.

Yeah, they hunt big game with dogs around here. I don't approve, but it's not my decision to make.

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