after a very dry summer, we're getting wet

Until last Thursday, 24 September 2015, I had received only 0.35" of rain since the month began. By the end of the month, that total was 7.00".

And the rain continues: 3.02" so far in October and they are predicting a lot more for this weekend. In fact, 0.21" of that total has fallen over the past hour.

The Shining Rock Riverfest was postponed again, this time until next spring, they say. So I have a couple more paid days off, and that's nice. I needed a vacation and a piecemeal one works almost better than a continuous one.

Earlier this week my vacation began with a train ride. Dad and Velma took Karl and me on the Smoky Mountain Express, a day trip through the Nantahala National Forest. It was a rainy day, of course, but it was nice to get away with the family for a change.

That was on Tuesday, which is part of my usual weekend. I went back to work for two nights and then I had requested two nights off so that I could attend the Riverfest, which has been canceled due to potential flooding (it is right on the Pigeon River, and this end of the county is supposed to get heavy rains). But it's OK that I have nothing to do today.

Although, I was looking forward to seeing some live music and I had asked my nice lady to come along. I guess I don't need to deep-clean the house now.

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