the new Chevrolet ... "Bolt"?

Who gives the final OK for automobile model names?

There is an article at GasBuddy.com about Chevrolet's latest electric car. Most of the comments from readers criticized the car's value and range. I didn't read the article; I couldn't get past the headline: "After the Volt...along comes GM's Bolt"

Technical and bang-for-your-buck shortcomings aside, the first image that comes to mind for me when I see or hear the word "bolt" is, well, a bolt, as in the common threaded fastener by that name.

A big rusty bolt.

That's what came to mind when I saw the title of the article, and I thought, "why, oh why would they give a car a lame name like that? Is the article from the Onion? Is it an SNL skit?"

Of course, I'm sure they probably mean to evoke speed and agility, i.e. the verb "to bolt," but what I get is a sensation of weight and possibly a rusty orange hue.

Maybe I'm in the linguistic minority here, but I rarely hear "bolt" used as a verb. Once in a while. But not often. Once in the past year, to be precise, and I can't tell you when I last heard it prior to that.

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  1. The Nova had the same problem amongst Hispanic populations as No Va means won't go...