an obsessive survey- and test-taker's dream assignment

I received a postcard in the mail today.

"Congratulations! Your household has been selected to take part in a one week Nielsen TV Ratings viewing survey!

"In a few short days you will receive a phone call from us to explain this exciting opportunity. It is very important that your household is included in our survey. For our survey to be accurate, all types of households need to be represented."

OK, fair enough. Two things, though: a) The phone number they are probably going to try to call would be my land line, which I shut off in March 2013, and 2) I haven't watched TV at home since I canceled the satellite service in April 2013.

It may well be that they do have an interest in an empty tally sheet, showing no television watching whatsoever for what ever week they choose to survey, and I'd be more than pleased to acquaint them with my TV (non-)viewing habits.

Yesterday morning (Thursday, 08 January 2015) the low temperature was a chilling -1.7℉ at about 8 AM, but after local sunrise (when the sun crested the mountain) the temperature started to increase - as it is wont to do - and it kept climbing even after sunset. The high temperature for the day was overnight, all the way up to 34.7℉ by a quarter to 1 AM. After that it started falling again, bottoming out at 23.7℉ at about 8:15 AM this morning.

It was a year and a day prior to that, 07 January 2014, when we had that's season's coldest temperatures: -4.0℉ at my house. Pipes froze and burst both at the store and in the pump house next door to my house.

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