I just saved 50% on my car insurance

... without switching to Geico.

A few weeks ago, with my brother's moral and financial support, I finally had my car registered in North Carolina, which solved a two-year old problem: my Florida registration had expired at the end of August 2012.

Ever since my car's registration became current, I have known that I had to call my car insurance company to get a new policy. Unfortunately, every time I thought about calling them, it was the middle of the night, or a weekend day, or some other odd time when nobody would be on duty.

Today I remembered to call at about 4:30 PM, just in time to get in before the end of the day.

The people I spoke to were friendly and helpful, and at the end of the call I had cut my auto insurance bill in half. Some of that was from the $9/month Florida Hurricane Fund that I no longer have to pay, the rest was just because insurance rates are lower here than in Florida.

This is a big thing, saving over $60 per month, especially since I acquired health insurance last spring and that is costing me just about exactly what I will save with my new car insurance policy.

On the weather front, 3.27" of rain fell on my rain gauge yesterday and overnight - more than we received during the entire month of August. The creek behind my house looks a lot happier.

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