a poem for today

From The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor:

Tramps and Bowlers

I heard this poem on the Writer's Almanac podcast, and it reminded me of my time on the street as a sort of tramp. I, too, cleaned up after myself before leaving any hiding or sleeping spot.

It's just common sense when you are trying to stay below the radar. Clean up after yourself, don't be obvious, obey all laws when you can be seen. Better still, obey all laws all the time; although that is difficult when your daily routine includes, by necessity, trespassing at times.

The Italian guy who owned the convenience store where I worked for a time in Tallahassee referred to me as a "bum". I preferred the term "tramp" because I was at least willing to work for my money. I didn't sit on a sidewalk in a strip mall and ask every person who passed if they had any spare change, like some folks did.

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