can you even buy Vitalis™ anymore?

You meet a broad cross-section of society when you work the graveyard shift at a convenience store.

I see the people going home from wherever they spent the evening, the people out for midnight snacks, the meth addicts who would be awake anyway, students who study at night, and eventually the people going to work or out fishing or wherever they go in the morning.

There's one fellow who comes in occasionally. He (figuratively) reeks of Church with a capital C. Consistently cheerful, but he looks like he stepped out of a time machine from 1964, and his hair is consistently held firm with something like Vitalis™. Nice guy, but a little, oh, out of his time, I guess.

I was just thinking about him for some reason and I imagined that his car might actually be a time machine. Maybe he's actually back in 1964 when he doesn't come around for a while.

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