a brief word about Kurdistan

It has long been apparent to me that Kurdistan ought to be an independent entity.

Over a few decades wherein military action seems to be the order of the day, nearly every day, somewhere in the Middle East, the Kurds appear to be a rare point of relative stability. This despite being denied their own fully independent political and geographical state by Turkey and Iraq, primarily, whose artificial borders divide and engulf Kurdistan.

The Kurds were protected from Saddam Hussein, during the 1990's, by the Northern No-Fly Zone after the first Gulf War but now that Iraq is falling apart again, they remain stable and haven't been seriously challenged by ISIS.

The Kurds don't seem to be interested in conquering the world, converting or exterminating their neighbors, or being converted themselves. They do, however, seem to be living somewhat prosperously and peacefully.

It seems to me that before the dust settles in the Middle East, there could well be an independent Kurdistan. And there really should be one. They deserve full rather than relative autonomy.

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