snow day

Clay Bennett
After I cleaned off my car and dug out the driveway, I headed up to Frank's with Rocko for a cup of hot chocolate. I had only seen highway department plows and a road grader go by my house for at least the five hours that I had been paying attention, so I wondered about the condition of the roads.

All in all it wasn't too bad. Slow, yes; snowy, slushy, icy or just wet, but constantly changing as we traveled. The road is quite twisty as it follows the narrow river valley between the mountains, providing lots of opportunities for snow to accumulate from the wind. But it was nothing I didn't deal with all the time in NY, except that most roads up where I learned to drive are relatively straight and level compared to anything you find around here.

It got up to about 35℉ for an hour or so, so the snow got heavy and wet, but it's cooling off again. I'm glad I cleaned out the driveway while the snow still had some fluffiness to it.

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