another year bites the dust

I, for one, am glad that 2013 is over. What a horrendous clusterfuck of a year!

The year treated me well enough, it was just at the political level that everything hit the fan. Not only was the federal government almost destroyed by Tea Party zealots, but here in North Carolina the public was somehow fooled into electing Republican majorities in both state houses as well as a Republican governor, something that hadn't happened for something like a hundred years. And we quickly learned why they hadn't been trusted with the reins for so long; the state legislature only meets for a few weeks each year, but in 2013 the Tea Party slashed at every right that they could get their hands on. Very little constructive work was done, it was almost exclusively destructive. It was a disgusting abuse of power.

It was a reminder of why Republicans think that government is the problem: when they are in charge, the government really is the problem. They don't understand that it doesn't have to be that way.

Oh well. Another year gone. In a couple of weeks I'll have six years of sobriety, so that's something. And I still have my dog.

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