I walked down to Steve and Teresa's house this morning to spend some time with "the kids", a.k.a. Anna and her husband Taylor and my granddaughter, Leona. They've been in town for several days but I only saw them once before today. That's my fault; my sleep schedule conflicts with normal people. I slept through a couple of invites.

Yesterday Anna called to invite me down there for breakfast, but I had already fallen asleep. I said that I'd come down in a couple of hours, but I slept for 22 hours instead, finally waking up at 6 AM this morning.

We got some nice snow this week, too. It didn't fall until the kids moved from my brother's house to up here in Cruso. I got to drive home in it on Wednesday morning, but I stick to the back roads so I don't have to worry about idiots sliding all over the road and hitting me. My only worry is, "will I make it up the hills on Stamey Cove Road?"

The answer has always been "yes" so far, even though there are occasional small slips and losses of traction. I'm in no hurry. Then again, you don't really want to lose forward momentum when climbing an icy slope. It's fun if you let yourself get into the moment (and turn down the radio).

Having said all of that, I'm still coming to grips with the concept of actually being a grandfather. I've met Leona personally now, she's no longer an abstract concept, she is my granddaughter. And I love her name. But it still seems unreal. Lisa left us and an infant has come.

I thanked Teresa for "putting up with the kids for me". My house is not suited to guests and Anna knew that, so she made arrangements to stay other places. Teresa said that she was happy to have them, and they are invited back.

Today I am thankful for good family and good friends.

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  1. LOL! Makes you feel old, don't it, when somebody calls you 'granpa'?