The Tea Party, and my own Reprehensible Mark Meadows, need to be brought up on sedition charges for their wanton destruction of our system of government.

This morning at work, I saw a customer who hasn't been in for 10 days. He is a 25-year employee of the U.S. Forest Service, and he is disgusted with Meadows and the Tea Party faction of the Republican party. He told me that, if the government isn't reopened within a couple of days, neither he nor a significant number of his co-workers will be returning. They are looking for other work because - as my customer said - they didn't put in all these years to be made part-time workers. He was on his way to a temporary job with an electrical contractor because he isn't getting paid during the shutdown.

I wrote to Meadows again today, as I do nearly every day lately, to tell him about that customer and his co-workers as well as to tell him that if it were up to me, I'd bring the entire Tea Party up on sedition charges.

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