The Big East Fork Trail - walking the dog

Yesterday morning I loaded Rocko into the car, along with my walking stick, water, compass, camera and nifty little Sierra Club knapsack, and we went a few miles up the road to the Big East Fork Trail. I took 90 pictures; these are just the highlights.

Note: my camera's clock was 19 minutes slow. I noticed that when I got home; I knew for a fact that it was just after 2 PM when we got back to the car, but the last photo timestamp was much earlier.

We went in at 9 AM, despite the timestamp on this first photo. Not a great picture, just documentation for the hike.

Going in. The sun was still behind the mountain so my camera chose to use a flash.
An early view of the river. First drink break for Rocko; he doesn't drink often but, when he does, he drinks a lot.

Early in the hike, the trail is broad (as seen here) but still full of rocks and roots. Later it gets narrow, often with a steep drop-off on one side, and there are some on-all-fours points when you have to climb rocks and roots. Despite the glorious surroundings, you have to keep your eyes on the ground a lot. If you fall and break your leg, there is no cellphone service here and it might be a long time before anybody comes along.

Foggy morning, Big East Fork of the Pigeon River

A feeder creek that crosses the trail.

Foggy morning II, Big East Fork of the Pigeon River

We found this campsite an hour in from the road. Rocko is playing Smokey Bear, making sure the fire is out.

End of the line, at least for us; three hours in from the road and over 1,000 ft. up. Not sure just how far we went; I ought to get a topo map for next time.

Looking downstream from the same location. We took about a five-minute break here before heading back downstream. It was three hours in and two back out, but going out was almost all downhill.

Almost back to the car, tired but happy.

And we're back out, five hours later.

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