elementary, my dear Watson

Element 115 has been confirmed.

Yesterday was my 51st birthday, and I avoided the Internet. After entering my CoCoRaHS rainfall data (0.00") I closed my browser and did not open it, or Icedove (my email client, based on Thunderbird), all day. In fact, this morning I did the same thing when I got home from work. Entered my rainfall (0.00 again, four days in a row) and closed the browser.

But I had to have my NPR, so Tallahassee's WFSU radio was playing on my computer all day.

I relaxed yesterday. I took a short nap in the morning and went outside after it warmed up. We've been having overnight low temperatures just above 50℉ lately and it hasn't gotten above 70 until early afternoon. There's a short temperature spike between 3 and 4 PM but then it cools off again. It's wonderful, although most of the crops aren't happy. Too much rain this year. My tomato (the only one that survived) has two flowers. The okra should give me a meal's worth. Nothing else survived.

It's Thursday night for me right now; I have to take another nap before work but then it will be my Friday. Two nights off, woo-hoo!

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