rain, rain, rain

It has rained on 17 of the last 23 days. So far this month (July 2013) we have received 10.24" of rain at my house, and it is still raining. I'm overjoyed that I can measure and report it.

All of the local creeks and rivers are running high and wild. There is a kayaker missing on the East Fork of the Pigeon River, somewhere between me and the trailhead a couple of miles upstream. They found his kayak and helmet but he hasn't been seen for a couple of days. One of my customers last night had been on "bridge duty", watching for flooding and/or bodies, I guess. He was speculating that the body could be as far downstream as the paper mill, which seems unlikely to me. The mill is a good 15 miles at least downstream. The water's running high and fast, sure, but I don't know if it's going that fast. Of course the locals have more experience dealing with drowning victims during periods of high water.

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