my left knee vs. the home weather station

My dad bought me a home weather station and I'm very taken with it. It correctly predicted increasing clouds and then rain, and of course I'm recording the daily high and low temperatures. Now it's calling for even nicer weather, which agrees with the newspaper.

My left knee disagrees. Last night at work, it suddenly hurt like hell. I limped around as best I could, doing my job, and when the newspaper came in the middle of the night I checked the weather report. Sunny and nice. Dang! Why did my knee hurt so much? Well, I just looked at the Weather Channel's website and we are supposed to get some rain in a couple of days. So my knee predicts farther out that the home weather station. But, my knee doesn't record high and low temperatures, humidity and dew points.

It still hurts, but not like last night, and it feels like it wants to pop, though I'm still walking with a limp.

At least it is distracting me from my right trapezius muscle, which has been knotted and painful for well over a month. I've been eating ibuprofen like candy and even went so far as to try to score a single pain pill from some sketchy acquaintances. Fortunately that fell through; I can't afford street prices for that kind of thing anyway, and one pill would only give me a few hours' relief. I'm continuing with the heating pad, stretching and changing where and how I sit when using the computer. I've also changed the number and type of pillows I use at night. Too many pillows or too few, or the wrong one, can make a big difference.

You'd think that after all these years of dealing with this same recurring muscle spasm, which tends to stick around for a couple of months at a time, I'd have figured out an easy solution. Well, there was drinking, but that didn't really help all that well, did it? No, the pain was still there even when I was drunk.

Oh well. Eventually the muscle will loosen up and I won't have to deal with it for a while.

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