our 5th 1st anniversary

Today would have been what Lisa and I called "our 5th 1st anniversary". Five years ago today, Lisa and I met in person at a little tiny park at the end of a dead-end road on the Gulf of Mexico.

The location was her idea. I was late, of course. I was riding a bicycle and had missed my turn, going several miles out of my way, and then missed another turn ... she hadn't given up yet when I finally came pedalling down the park road.

She expected a motorcycle because I had said that I'd be on a "bike", but got a kick out of the bicycle. She had brought coffee and bagels from Dunkin Donuts - a great way to start a friendship! We sat and talked all afternoon, then she insisted on driving me home. We managed to fit my bike into her tiny little Saturn coupe somehow.

And so it's our 1st anniversary. Our 2nd is the day I moved in with her.

Even though I saw Lisa at her best and worst, I only remember her being at her very best, unless I concentrate. Even then the worst has faded, and that's good. Lisa wouldn't want to be remembered as a person in constant pain, but as an amazing Amazon - and that's exactly what I remember.

Happy 5th 1st anniversary, baby. I love you.

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