another day in Paradise

If you call paradise "Château Cruso" (and I do).

It's 85 degrees in the shade, according to the tiny digital alarm clock with built-in digital thermometer that I inherited from Lisa. The spring thermometer on the front porch says that it's only 80, but that cheap thing can't be trusted. I got it for free from Ace Hardware in New Port Richey because I had a $5 off "frequent shopper" coupon and the thermometer cost about $4.25; you get what you pay for. But we needed one up here in Cruso and I was in town for my last Florida job.

I'm hoping to become a remote weather spotter. I already joined CoCoRaHS but haven't bought the rain gauge yet. One thing I really miss having is a digital indoor-outdoor thermometer. I had one in Tallahassee, when I had the house. That one not only told you the temperature but would record the high and low temperature. I kept rigorous records of the daily extremes for several years, and found a bit of joy in doing so. I didn't report any data; it was just for me.

My down-the-road neighbors, Steve and Teresa Raulerson, told me about CoCoRaHS last year. Teresa is a contributor to the CoCoRaHS network and she thought I might be interested.

The heavy rains we received a while back were the kick I needed to at least sign up for the program. We got 4" of rain in one storm, and not too long after that we got 4" per day for two days. When I looked at the CoCoRaHS page for Haywood County, Teresa had about the same amount of rain as I did - but the amounts reported dropped off precipitously not too many miles away. That's when I knew that I'd be a great confirming data point for Teresa, and she for me. Her house is only a ten minute walk away and together we'd be the only data points in our particular cove.

Speaking of our cove, I was hanging out on the deck and had to take a few pictures. O what a glorious day!

Looking northeast from my deck about an hour ago.

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