All of the houseplants were re-potted yesterday. I had one empty pot that was big enough for the desert rose, which had been in the largest pot, so everybody got to move up to a hand-me-down pot.

Some of the plants, notably the desert rose, will need re-potting again soon into a still larger pot. That poor desert rose has thick underground roots that were bent from hitting the bottom of the old pot. It looks like it's going to need a big, floor-style pot, because its biggest roots want to run at least half as deep as the plant is high above the surface.

I left a few windows partially open last night. Yesterday morning I turned off the heat pump because it was nearly 80℉ outside. With the heat off and the windows open, I arose at 9 A.M. to a 71℉ house. That's nice. I usually have the heat set at 67℉ during the day and 62℉ at night.

Time to go outside and drink coffee with Cat Mandu (a.k.a. George) and Dog Boy (a.k.a. Rocko). Cat Mandu came inside a few minutes ago, rubbed on my leg, and went back out. Dog Boy is out there giving me a pleading look. They love our morning walk. We have a route that we take, heading down to the north end, around that area a bit, then back up and over to the creek in the gully behind the house.

Gotta go be with the boys.

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