going into winter mode

It's cold - about 20℉ - and very windy. The Weather Channel says that the wind chill is about 9℉. That sounds about right. I had estimated it to be in the single digits.

I've hung a sheet over the front door, and am using the north side door instead. The north door has an insulated storm door so it doesn't need to have a sheet hung there. I'm wearing several layers of everything but underpants and have a knit hat on my head. But it's all good. The thermostat is set at 67℉ so the heat won't run too much.

Last summer we asked the landlord to find a storm door for the front, but he hasn't come through with that yet. It would be nice to have during warm weather, so I can have the front door open for the light but not let bugs in.

The Great Lakes are bringing in some good lake snow up in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. The Weather Channel did a segment in Ohio, interviewing people in the parking lot of Wegmans after doing their shopping.

Time to do the dishes. I did all the other house cleaning yesterday.

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