a good quote

This was posted as a comment under a story on Slashdot about Facebook paying only 0.3% in taxes:

"I like to pay taxes, with them I buy civilization.

That a lot of deluded 'rugged individualists' falsely think they are entirely self-made and have no obligation to pay back into society amuses me. Seeing them frustrated and resentful at paying taxes makes me smile."


  1. I could not agree more. If you earn your fortune in this country the excellent infastructure of our nation had a lot to do with it. You used our electic grid, our telephone system, our ecellent interstate highwya system, our fresh water system and sewer system. Every part of your life and your business depends on federal support as well as state and local tax support in order for you to conduct your business. I know, president Obama was railed against for his "You didn't build that" speach, but if anyone was listening they knew he was talking about our infastructure. By the way, the tea partyers and their ilk can't understand why we should keep that system working, they can't see beyond their own front door or understand everything doesn't revolve about them or their own little world.