it's official

The new lease for the new year was signed less than an hour ago. Year two in Cruso is underway.

My landlord was "impressed," he said, that I had called to make sure we signed a new lease. The first one was for one year, so I just assumed that fresh paperwork was de rigueur. He said that he was impressed because I am the first tenant he has ever had who has asked about this.

But he was also very impressed and  pleased that we had been on time with every rent payment for the entire year. This, too, is uncommon, and he expected the same of us. I was happy to have surprised him.

We sat on the couch and talked for nearly an hour. He asked about my time on the street, and said how impressed he is that I managed to survive and even thrive after that. I told him that I believe that my odyssey in Florida had a purpose. I went to Florida alone and stayed that way while I went through Heaven and Hell, but eventually escaped to the mountains with an amazing woman and our critters. I won the game in the end, despite the struggles, thanks to the strength and support of others.

We talked about my job, too, as well as my previous career designing circuit boards. He took down my email address and said that he'll keep his eyes open for more technical jobs and send me anything he finds.

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