snow on Election Day

I woke up to my phone's alarm at a quarter to seven this morning. It was set for Election Day, and the polls open at 7 A.M. here.

The boys, Rocko and George, were ready for breakfast. Or at least George was. Rocko doesn't act too excited about breakfast, but he eats.

After breakfast it is time to go out and "do your business". Rocko was happy enough to go out, but George saw the thin layer of slush on the front porch and balked. I grabbed him and put him out, assuring him that Rocko would be with him and he could come back in after he finished his business.

My original plan was to start the coffee maker and rush right down to the polling place, getting home shortly after the coffee finished brewing. The weather caused me to re-think the proposition; I'm going to have a few cups and wake up before heading down the river.

The local polling place is at the Cruso Fire Department; it is only a couple of miles down the road. The weather is supposed to warm into the high 40's today, so the road will only be wet by the time I get out. It's probably only wet right now. But there are probably still people on their way to work stopping in to vote. I'll go a little later when the crowd, such as it is, has thinned.

And the business of tying up the loose ends left by Lisa's passing continues. There was an automated call from a bill collector a few minutes ago. They left a number to call if they had called the wrong number; I called that number and told them that Lisa had passed away.

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