summer is over

Yes, it is official! Well, not official according to anybody with any official capacity. Official in a colloquial, "I am the arbiter" sense.

I am talking about summer in the mountains. It's over.

The latest clue made itself evident yesterday (Sunday) morning as I headed home for the weekend (my weekend, that is). The low tire pressure light in my car came on when I started the car. I got out and looked at all the tires; they looked normal enough. But the ambient temperature was in the upper 40's, so even the nitrogen in my tires has been affected.

The undergrowth in the woods has been dying back (or going dormant) for a while, making it easier to get around when I go for walks. And leaves have been falling for a long time, too. The willow between our house and the neighbors' trailer is nearly bald.

This morning I finally turned the thermostat in our house from "off" to "heat". Lisa added a second flannel sheet to our bed covers a couple of nights ago; I'll be putting a blanket or quilt on it later today.

Speaking of Lisa, this afternoon we head over to Asheville to see a trauma surgeon about removing that problematic screw from her right hip.

And just a few minutes ago I called the Social Security Disability office to cancel my evaluation appointment. It was scheduled for tomorrow, in Asheville. Since I am now working - and the job is good for me emotionally as well as financially - I am withdrawing my application for disability benefits.

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