back to work

It seemed strange to have two days in a row off work. I think it's been a couple of weeks since that happened.

I'm going back on the graveyard shift tonight, 11 PM to 7 AM. I went to bed real early last night, in part to affect my internal clock but also because I felt ill. Sort of fluish. While we were driving to the doctor, I was worried that I might have to pull over to vomit. In the examination room, I kept wondering if I find the bathroom so I could just throw up and be done with it. Of course, with the goldenrod and other fall flowers blooming, my allergies are acting up and there is a lot of post-nasal drip - and that often upsets my stomach.

The household chores had piled up last week, since was working 5 out of 7 days (and had to go over to Lisa's mother's house to do yard work when I wasn't at my job). I managed to catch up on them over the past two days, despite having to take Lisa to the doctor both days. I had to do it. The house was getting nasty. Dirty dishes, the floor needed sweeping and the rugs needed vacuuming.

The only thing Lisa's spine surgeon is recommending right now is the removal of a long screw that was driven into her pelvis years ago to stabilize the right sacroiliac (SI) joint. The screw is so long that it appears to be impinging upon a nerve; this could very well be the reason that she has tingling, burning and numbness down the length of her right leg.

Lisa was very upset that the surgeon didn't have anything to say about her failed spinal fusion other than to note that "the solution could be as bad as the problem." I tried to calm her, suggesting that the surgeon may well be waiting to see the results of the screw removal before making any further plans.

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