watching and waiting

After talking to our Cherokee friend, who has had 10 or more dogs bitten by snakes, and to a veterinarian whom Lisa has known for over 20 years, we've decide not to take Rocko to the emergency vet. We gave him some Benadryl for the swelling and a little bit of ibuprofen for the pain and are keeping an eye on his condition.

He's cheered up a little bit and doesn't look so worried anymore. His upper lip is still bleeding; the vet told us that this is a good thing. The swelling on his lip has stopped getting larger, but he has a pouch of fluid on his upper neck. He is breathing fine and his heart rate is OK.

If he's not any better tomorrow we may take him to the vet, but I just paid the bills - there is no money at all left. The car is full of gas and we have dog food but there's nothing left to go to the vet with.

We're not going to Lisa's mom's house today after all. We have a dog to watch.

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  1. Snakebite is something that we who live with nature have to be very aware of.

    I would like to see more photos of the affect on Rocko.

    Rub his ears for me and tell him it will be okay!