post-MRI blues

Lisa's MRI scans proceeded without incident. Prior to the tests, they took a tube of blood and gave her a shot of Dilaudid in her buttcheek. The Dilaudid didn't completely knock her out, but the pain and claustrophobia were managed fairly well.

It wasn't until after we returned to our home that she started feeling lousy. She was a bit loopy for a number of hours but regained her appetite later and ate a bowl of shredded wheat with a banana, grapes, blackberries and yogurt. I went to sleep at about 10:30 P.M., only to be awakened at 2 A.M. by the sound of her getting sick in the bathroom.

She had diarrhea in the morning before we went to the hospital. That is still a problem, and now we add vomiting to the equation. I've felt a bit off the last couple of days myself; I chalked it up to the cool and wet weather. Lisa always reacts much more strongly to any kind of contagion than I do. I get a sore throat, a headache and a few sore muscles, she runs for the head.

Oh well. I had four solid hours of deep sleep so far tonight. I can stand to stay up for a while to make sure that she's OK. I can download the podcasts of my favorite NPR shows quickly and easily in the middle of the night, when fewer folks are on-line and we have no data cap.

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