drama update

Only a few minutes after I called 911, the County Sheriff car came back, this time with company. They didn't get the guy, though. His father had come over right after the cops left the first time, and he took him away.

Since he left and everything quieted down, his two cousins have come over to our door twice begging for cigarettes. I told the first one that I had none to spare, and closed the door on him. The other cousin knocked on the door less than five minutes later and asked the same question. He received the same answer.

By that time I was answering the door with my sling blade in my hand, since I have no firearms. I still have the sling blade standing beside the side door, where neighbors knock, and I have it in my hand when I answer the door.

We have a feeling that the landlord's going to kick them out. They've known one another a long time, but that means that the landlord knows how this guy can get when he's doing drugs or off his meds.

I'll bet that he'll come back all apologetic after he sobers up or whatever it is that he needs to do, but I don't trust him anymore.

Poor Lisa had an anxiety attack because of this drama. She was married for 30 years to a man who occasionally got mad, yelled and threw things, and she cannot bear such outbursts. She took several milligrams of Xanax to get out of a fetal position. Now that she's taken her night meds as well, she's out like a light.

She barely made it through her biscuits with butter and jelly without falling asleep in her plate. That is something I haven't had to deal with since she stopped taking large doses of Opana. When she's that out of it, I have to watch her every move and often remind her to swallow or to stay awake. But she's sleeping now, so I can go do the same.

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