busy day

We made it to Lisa's appointment with her doctor today.

Last week, Lisa's appointment had been set for 8 A.M., which is just too early for her. The doctor's office is a 30-minute drive from our house and I wasn't able to get her up in time that morning. We rescheduled for this week but she still needed her pain meds (both long- and short-acting) refilled that day. When we got there to pick up the scripts, I decided to refuse to take the Opana ER script. We wanted to make sure that we would be able to get something different when we saw the doctor this week.

A couple of months ago, he was concerned about her blood pressure and liver. At that time he told her to stop taking Crestor as well as anything containing Tylenol, and told us to cut her thyroid pills in half.

Today's appointment was at a more sane 10:30 A.M.

We explained to the doctor why we refused the Opana: it seemed to make her pain worse. In reality, it surely helped to mask the pain, but it affected her mentally in such a way that the pain bothered her more. She would cry audibly while on Opana - even when on dosages high enough to make her dopey.

He said that she can go back on the Crestor for her cholesterol. We didn't get an answer on the thyroid medicine but are going back to the full dosage anyway. He also changed her extended-release pain reliever from Opana ER to morphine sulfate ER.

The extended-release morphine seems to be working well so far. She says that she is in no pain at all save where her dentures are chafing.

After the doctor and pharmacy trips were done we stopped in at her mother's house. I had promised to change her water filter today.

Well, I changed the filter, weeded her flowers and put up a birdhouse. She wanted the birdhouse in her yard in front of an old stump. Using a post-hole digger, I excavated a pit in front of the stump. Then I mounted the birdhouse on a 4"x4" landscaping timber and set the timber in the pit, pouring concrete around the base. Lisa held the post straight (using a level to keep it true) and I packed in dirt around the post.

All good fun. We were happy to get home to Rocko by supper time.

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