WTF, SafeLink?

Since we moved to North Carolina, Lisa has been trying to get her SafeLink phone transferred to our new address. She was able to get a new local phone number for it, but the previous tenant in our house is still using this address for her own SafeLink phone - so Lisa isn't getting her monthly minutes.

We've been faxing proof of our address since February, and they insist that they haven't received any of our faxes.

Today Lisa was talking to some foreigner at SafeLink (who kept calling her "Mrs. Stee-wart") and he told her to check back on the 38th of the month! Even after she explained that there are no months with more than 31 days, he kept saying the 38th.

My Dad just called to let us know that the Anclote River near our Florida house is over its banks and flooding the area. Lisa tells me that she was never required to get flood insurance and the river has never gotten close to the house, even when nearby Route 54 was awash. We'll hear from our tenant if anything happens. I'm sure that the swimming pool is full now and, given all the rain they've received, the laundry room is probably wet too. There is a sporadic leak in the roof at that end of the house.

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  1. Regarding the missing faxes, in our experience with the medical system here in florida, no one reads the stuff that comes in on the fax machines anymore. We have been told by several medical offices "Oh,so much junk comes in on that thing now we can't take the time to read it". Yet they still keep the machines and keep the lines active. If anyone can make any sense out of that I would be surprised.