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About 20 years ago I was warned by our sysadmin to "never shut down a Unix box, because it might not come back up." Most of the time that is an empty warning. But, yesterday, I did some system updates and then shut down my PC because I had to go to town for a few hours. When I got back and booted it up into the GUI, the keyboard didn't respond. The mouse only worked if I unplugged it and plugged it back in.

I rebooted into "recovery mode" and the keyboard worked fine, but the machine couldn't use its Wifi or Ethernet connections to the network. I couldn't run any updates.

Fortunately I installed Debian Wheezy on my ancient Dell a few days ago, so I do have a machine that can get online. I'm downloading an install disk for my troubled Toshiba right now. My /home directory is on a separate partition, so I won't lose any personal stuff when I reinstall, but damn! What a pain.

When I went to town yesterday, I had an appointment to get into the local mental health system. I talked to a guy for a long time about my history and required medications. He set me up with an appointment next week to get my meds for free through the pharmaceutical manufacturer's Patient Assistance Program (PAP). I'm looking forward to that.

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