Flag Day (U.S.)

It's Flag Day here in the United States.

At our house, every day is Flag Day - unless it is raining. Both Lisa and I are very patriotic and do our level best to adhere to the Flag Code, hoisting the Flag at sunrise (or as soon as we get out of bed in the morning) and lowering it at sunset. I don't put it out if it is raining and usually manage to get it back into the house quickly when rain starts.

We were pleased as punch to find a standard flag bracket on the support beams of our front porch when we moved into this house. Our own flag is 32" x 60" and is mounted on a 64" pole, designed to fit into the standard bracket, and we hoisted it as soon as we moved in last December.

Sometime soon we should get a replacement flag. The one we have is rather old and has a number of small holes and tears. When we first moved in it was stained and a bit dirty, but rain and sun have cleaned it considerably. (Yes, it's been rained on - I haven't always been home when rain starts).

When we lived in Florida, there was no flag bracket on the house. There were a couple of places where Lisa was able to wedge in the pole, but they weren't able to hold it well and it could easily fall out if it was windy, so we usually didn't have it flying.

I am thankful that today is a sunny and clear day, so the Flag flies proudly.

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