to the doc, to the doc, to the doc doc doc

This month's appointment for Lisa to see her physician has been moved up a few days. She was supposed to see him Thursday, but we'll be going first thing in the morning tomorrow instead.

On the 10th of this month (Thursday) she had blood drawn for testing. The next day, Friday, she received a call from the doctor's office telling her to immediately cut her thyroid medicine in half and stop taking all meds that contain acetaminophen (paracetamol). That means that she had to stop taking most of her pain meds, since Percocet contains acetaminophen.

It's been a rough weekend for her, with the added pain and all, but she hasn't been feeling well recently anyway. Acetaminophen toxicity combined with excessive thyroid hormones could well explain all that. We'll find out tomorrow, and the doctor can prescribe the same pain medication without acetaminophen.

I looked up acetaminophen toxicity and it is treatable. Along the way to learning about that, I got side-tracked onto reading up on acute pancreatitis, and was a bit surprised to learn just how seriously sick I was five years ago when I spent a few weeks in the hospital with that condition. Of course I realized at the time that I was pretty sick, but had no idea how badly. I remember spending a couple of days in a room with a glass wall, so the staff could see me at all times, when I first arrived. And I had a nasogastric tube running into my stomach to suck all that yellow goo out. I also remember screaming in pain for a long time before that.

Ah, well. Off to bed. The alarm's set for 6 A.M. so we can get to the doc good and early.

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