this stuff happens everywhere, doesn't it?

New from Wolcott, NY, where I have deep familial roots going back at least 200 years - the Village Clerk has been accused of stealing more than $50K in taxpayer funds. (From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

Notice the "Low Countries" surname, DeBadts. Lots of Dutch folk in the Wolcott area.

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  1. Wolcott has a long storied history of this sort of thing.
    When I was growing up in Wolcott the vice president of the first national bank was caught for stealing $75,000 from the bank, a huge sum of money in about 1950. He was fired but never charged, went to Savannah, about 12 miles away, and got a job as an officer in that bank. The thief was treated as a hero by the locals.
    In another famous case, a retired New York State trooper was caught steeling from the county welfare fund, an amount said to be over $50,000, and was never prosecuted. When he died he was lauded for over 50 years of "exemplary public service". There have been several other similar events with never a single case being prosecuted. It seems like the best way to be remembered as a hero in Wolcott is to rob from your employer.