One of the many pleasant surprises among this spring's flora popping up around us is abundant Trillium. At first I found only a small patch while walking Rocko on the north slope; then I found some larger plants on our east slope.

Then, yesterday, Lisa found a carpet of them at the foot of the hillside on the far side of the road. And not only white trillium, but also a few of the red variety.

Red and white trillium across the street from our house

Picking and transplantation of Trillium is restricted in New York, Michigan, Minnesota and Ontario. It seems to be positively abundant here, though.

The photo below doesn't come close to doing this patch justice; it is much, much larger than that. I imagine that the mountain behind it is full of trillium as well.

A tiny fraction of the big Trillium patch across the road from our house.

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  1. Many years ago, in the Wolcott creek gully going north out of Wolcott, trillium were everywhere. As a kid I spent a lot of time exploring that mysterious place and, of course, I tried to take a bouquet of them home to my Mom. I didn't know any better at the time and it was impossible to keep them alive for more than 10 minutes anyway. Trillium died almost as fast as we could pick them.
    My suggestion would be to just leave the patch to mother natures care, they just don't seem to want to respond to human touch.