coffee time ... I suppose

Here it is going on 5AM and I haven't slept a wink. Stayed in bed for four hours; two hours watching TV and two hours lying in the dark wide awake. Decided to get up. My tossing and turning would just disturb Lisa's sleep, though she wakes up on her own quite a bit on most nights. If I'm not asleep by 3, there isn't much chance of it ever happening.

So I've been sitting out here in the living room for two hours now. Eyes bugging from the computer. Don't want to turn on the TV because it is too loud. Everything is louder at night. Even the coffee maker that I just elected to turn on. Yessss ... 5 AM is the magic time for coffee.

One good thing; I'm not exhausted like the last time I was unable to sleep. No half-light hallucinations. Just awake and I don't know why. In fact, Lisa just walked by and tried to "help me figure out why" I didn't sleep. "I just didn't!" I replied. No reason. I just didn't sleep. Not like I have anything important happening this day.

Mmm ... coffee ... aaaggggghhhhh ...

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