tea party wingnuttery

I know, "Tea Party wingnuttery" is an oxymoron, but how else to explain Judson Phillips' "dream" of the end of the United Methodist Church?

Tell me, Mr. Phillips. Which particular church is acceptable to you, and why do you hate our freedoms? Perhaps you would be happy in some theocracy elsewhere in the world.

I suppose this makes it official: the Tea Party is the 21st century equivalent of the Klan. Remember the Klan? They're still here, you just don't see the robes as often as you used to. They don't just despise blacks and interracial marriage. They also hate Catholics, Jews and others.

The Tea Party claims that they want to "take their country back." Guess what: you can't have it. You don't know what the hell you are talking about. This country was founded upon, among other ideas, freedom of religion. It is bad enough that Muslims are being vilified for their beliefs. Now you are attacking Christians? Which church is the "Chosen Church"? Southern Baptist? Which "Southern Baptist"? Is it a small church founded by an independent pastor in your hometown who tells you what you want to hear? I'll bet it isn't a Primitive Baptist church. Those folks really know how to glorify the Lord, but they're probably far too socialist for you.

New flash: Jesus of Nazareth was not a Republican.

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