jumping (back) on the TSA-bashing bandwagon

I've written before about the time my camera and PDA were stolen from checked luggage (that had been hand-inspected in front of my eyes at the airport); stolen by an airline employee.

And so it is not with joy or satisfaction, but disgust, that I throw in a link to the story of a Texas woman whose blouse was pulled completely down by a TSA agent, exposing her breasts to the public.

The worst part of it is that she didn't even get a string of beads for showing her tits! (I guess that's just a New Orleans thing that they don't practice in Corpus Christi.)

In other news, the annual Leonid Brezhnev Memorial Meteor Shower was a disappointment here. Patchy clouds and a stiff neck do not make for an enjoyable meteor shower.

Growing up surrounded by open fields and darkness - until those dratted mercury-vapor lamps came into vogue in everybody's driveway - I learned to know and love the night sky. I also saw countless meteors, wondrous and always a surprise. As an adult, I saw the green fireball of the Peekskill Meteorite in 1992 arc all the way across the sky. After a spectacular event like that, it takes a pretty good show to entice me to stay out very long. A chaise lounge on the roof would help, too.

Speaking of showers: we received a nice soaking rain a few days ago. At least it was enough to keep the vegetation alive for a while longer.

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