bong hits for Jesus

Some years ago, during my alcoholic haze, I heard about the case of Morse v. Frederick, a.k.a. "The Bong Hits 4 Jesus case". The words on the banned banner in that case caught my attention, since my life was devoted to achieving the ultimate buzz. (I don't remember finding it, but it could have happened during one of my blackouts.)

That tale came to mind when I recently came across a story from August about Rand Paul's college escapades. Paul drew my curiosity for a little while last spring, but Kentucky is far away and I'm not too worried about his effect on the world. Because I don't expect him to be elected.

Christine O'Donnell, in Delaware, is as flaky as grandma's pie crust. Best of luck, Chrissy. I'm sure you'll get a spot on Fox after you lose in November.

Now we get to the scary guy: "Crazy Carl" Paladino. He thinks he should be the next Governor of the State of New York. I didn't make up the "Crazy Carl" moniker - I've seen it in print - but it sounds about right. Paladino admits to being "rough around the edges" but it seems to me that threatening to take out a reporter, and to take a baseball bat to the state Senate, hints at roughness that goes far deeper than the edge. He sounds like a damned punk, brandishing a combination of bravado and threats. Never mind the sheer arrogance of making baseless accusations of marital infidelity when he, himself, has a child born out of wedlock.

Fortunately for the world at large, he probably won't win the election. Even some Republicans say they are planning to vote for Andrew Cuomo - scion of the hated liberal bastion Mario Cuomo - because they couldn't live with themselves if Don Paladino makes it to the Godfather's Governor's mansion. New York politics are corrupt enough already. They don't need a governor who has people whacked.

Trivia: there is a band named after the Frederick case, Bong Hits For Jesus.

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