happy birthday ... and sleep

Happy birthday Anna!

When we brought Anna home from the hospital, our dog Barney would lay down by her bassinet and protect her.

Well now. After a week of poor and unrestful sleep, I slept for thirteen hours last night. You see, the pharmacy where I get my meds wouldn't give me my nighttime drug last week. I take three different pills, and the doctor had written two of them on one page and the third on another. My night meds were on the two-script page. Therefore, the pharmacy assumed that I have to get both of them at the same time. I only had cash for one prescription, so I had to wait until this week to pick up both of them. Now I have my night meds and two months worth of the other. Long story.

The upshot is that I finally got some rest and feel much better now. Happy birthday again, Anna!

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