rain, rain, rain ... and frogs

It seems like it has been raining forever. That's OK. I love rain. The old cobblestone house that Judi and I lived in when we were married had a cistern in the basement, under the living room. To this day, when it rains, I am cheered; the cistern is filling up and we won't need to buy water. Here, I guess, it is the aquifer that is filling. We hope.

The frogs love it too. There are at least three distinct species in our yard and, by extension, the patio surrounding the pool. When we walk out the bedroom door onto the patio at night, frogs explode in all directions.

Ahh, the frogs. There are Green Treefrogs, Barking Treefrogs (they really do sound like small dogs), and Little Grass Frogs; there may be other varieties but these are the ones that jump out at me (no pun intended) when researching them here.

Rocko and I saw a very large frog/toad at night a couple of days ago. This sucker was over 4" long, with a relatively large head and thin, frog-like abdomen. Like an anorexic bullfrog. If anybody knows what it might be, let me know.

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