oh, the hypocrisy!

Seven states that are suing the Federal government over the recently passed health care bill have applied for subsidies available under that very legislation.

How very hypocritical of them. We need to remember, though, that many Republican politicians, who had loudly railed against the latest stimulus, later gladly accepted the cash anyway (and trumpeted the improvements allowed by the stimulus as their own accomplishments).

Par for the Republican course. I cannot believe (OK, I can) that they are calling for a return to the disastrous policies that, under George W. Bush, enabled the financial storm that we are digging out from now.

Democrats are not innocent. Too often they are simply "the lesser of two evils". I prefer voting for the best candidate. There was a time (20-30 years ago, before Reagan fundamentally changed the Republican party) when I was able to vote for certain Republican candidates. One example is the late Frank Horton (R-NY), who was a man of conscience rather than ideology - an attribute that made it difficult for him to get prestigious committee appointments. He retired in 1992 when redistricting put him up against his (Democratic) friend, Louise Slaughter.

On the other hand, the Republicans of today tend to be not only reactionary but avaricious; they would run against their friend, smearing their character and distorting their record rather than dealing in facts. Real facts. "True" facts. Not cherry-picked sound bites. I can no longer find a Republican I can believe in. I thought that I had found one in Charlie Crist, who is quite moderate as Republicans go, but he was an ineffective governor. At least that is my perception. The Senate is a different kettle of fish, and he may be a better senator than governor. Now that he has left the Republican party there is a possibility that I might vote for him. I haven't decided. It's a good thing that he left the GOP. He just didn't fit in. He's not cold-hearted enough.

You know, I didn't wake up thinking about politics. I woke up angry with myself for not waking up with my alarm at 5 AM. I suppose all of this just flowed out of me to release the pent-up steam. Nevertheless, I stand behind everything I said above.

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