go go gideon

The Laurel County, KY school board is allowing the Gideons International to distribute the New Testament to any 5th grade students who want them.

Only 5th grade, and only the NEW Testament. Sort of a half-Bible. I want my Bibles to have the Old and New Testaments. Without the Old Testament, the Christian Bible is incomplete. I have owned New Testament-only Books, but they are, as I said, incomplete. (I have the Book of Mormon, too, though I don't believe as they do.)

But I don't even want the "entire" Bible given out freely to students on school property. It belongs in the school library. I'm pretty sure it was available in my high school library, in the Theology section. I know that it was in the public library where I worked, along with the Koran, the Torah and the Bhagavad Gita.

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