Twenty-two years ago today, my son Isaac (Ike) was born. I sent him a birthday email yesterday, because he is in Australia now and is therefore time-shifted into the future.

Last year - and this made me so very happy - he was able to visit Lisa and me at Christmas time.

Here he is with Judi, his mom:

When he was born, he was jaundiced; his bilirubin level was high. They kept him under special lights for days ... maybe a week? (Correct me if I'm wrong, Judi)

The night we finally brought him home, it was snowing like crazy. I remember turning from Route 14 onto Thompson Station Road - which hadn't been plowed yet. There was a good 6" of fresh powder snow, but our little Subaru station wagon handled it well. We didn't find plowed roads until we crossed the train tracks (about a mile along) and entered Seneca County. Judi's mom Hazel Bassage was babysitting Anna.

I can't believe that it has been 22 years. I don't feel old enough for that.

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