the job

A one-night stand at Citibank, upgrading PCs for the employees. Replacing old HP machines (some verrrrryyy slooowww) with shiny new Dells.

We logged on to each old machine, went to a specific web address and saved the "profile". Then we swapped out the boxes, keyboards and mice; rebooted and signed in using an administrator-level password; set the NIC speed and screen resolution; plugged in the network cable and went back to the same website. There, we verified the new machine's info and closed out the work order.

One of the guys on my team left early and, at the end of the evening, none of his machines had been closed out. (He seemed like a bit of a nimrod from the moment I met him, but remember that these are computer geeks - 50 weird people on one job. There were others who definitely behaved more strangely than he did.) Our team leader confirmed that his work was done, and the primary leader closed those work orders.

At 9:00 PM sharp, we all clocked out. Lisa had been called ahead of time and was waiting for me when I walked out of the building.

By the way - this new keyboard is GREAT! I am getting used to typing normally again, without having to check for missing letters (s, W [capitalized only], x) or extra t's. The only problem remaining is that my thumb tends to brush the touchpad occasionally, moving the cursor to different location on the page; I may just disable the touchpad until I really need it. And, Lisa's machine starts up more quickly and is generally more responsive with the added RAM.

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  1. Ugh, the touch pad. Even though I've been without an actual mouse for months, now, I still haven't gotten the hang of it being on and, well, there. I'm also irked that there's no CTRL button on the right side of my computer. I'm apparently incapable of using my left hand on the touch pad (it r an r-tard) so I can't open anything in a new tab without the use of both hands.

    Also, Help! Kendall is lording his geekitude over me!