oh my

Ike and Kendall finally made it to Australia after an "interesting" flight.

On the home front, we have a water leak within the wall behind our shower. So much so that the carpet in our closet was getting wet and our water usage was at least three times what it should be. Now I go out to the water meter and shut off that valve when we aren't actively using water. I have also started making a note of the reading each morning before I turn the valve on for the first time, instead of my former once-a-month reading.

It took a few days to get used to super-conservation, but The Ex and I learned how to be extremely conservative with water when we lived in this house:

The Hazel Fisk House - a cobblestone structure built around 1835 - is in Dublin, NY, a small hamlet just north of Seneca and Cayuga lakes. No cable, no gas, no public water mains. There was a 2500 gallon cistern in the basement. All of the downspouts drained into it. There is also a spring down at the corner of Dublin and Ninefoot roads where the locals get their drinking water. Unpredictable rainfall meant that we usually had to keep usage to a minimum. When the supply ran too low we had water delivered at $25 per 1000 gallons.

Early this past week, Lisa received a complex new knee brace that keeps the joint from twisting. It works great. She can even stand up much more easily than before.

And finally, a friend unexpectedly made an appointment to have the starter replaced in Lisa's car and paid for the whole thing. What a blessing!

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