beautiful weather and old blog posts

What a day! Woke up to 68 degrees F; it has only reached 80 at 3 PM. Hazy sunshine and a light breeze. Front and back doors open, airing the place out, and the A/C is shut off.

Jack the Feral Cat is enjoying the freedom to come in and out as he pleases. Here he comes again! I had left him in the bedroom with Lisa; bedroom door closed and sliding glass door open just enough for a cat to get through.

Time to go. Lisa just contacted me via communicator asking me, I think, to "taste" her "some toaster beans". I think she means "toast" her "some toaster thingies", i.e. Pop-Tarts(tm).

Back again ... I've been reading through some of my archives, specifically the 14 or so months from February 2004 through May 2005. During that period my life changed dramatically from having an excellent design job and decent house into the adventure of suicidal tendencies, day labor, group homes and complete homelessness. Still, I found plenty to say about the politics of the day, Rochester NY, space exploration, etc. Oddly enough, I find no mention of the loss of my job - at least around the time it happened.

I told Lisa, "Damn! I was a hell of a good writer when I was drunk!". She says that I am still a hell of a good writer. My high school English (aka "Language Arts") teachers would be shocked.

Also, I tweaked the formatting of my page to widen the area where my posts appear. The default width of my new template wasn't wide enough to properly display the comic strips I occasionally embed.

By the way: the picture of the sky in this blog's header is cut out of the same photo from which I cut my profile picture; it is the sky over the Gulf of Mexico seen from Osprey, FL in November 2008.

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